Client Work

I have completed 10 weeks of service learning with Make.Shift, which is a Bellingham based non-profit organization. Their mission is to support artists and musicians through innovative, earth-friendly programs. They serve the music community in Bellingham by restoring some hope and offering their services for travelling musicians or artists who cannot afford the cost of gas or maintenance on vehicles. During this service learning assignment, I completed two major projects for Make.Shift:

First, I completely redesigned and wrote columns for their June newsletter edition.

Before:  May Edition Newsletter

After: June Edition Newsletter

My strategy was to create columns for this text-heavy and underdeveloped newsletter to provide an aesthetically pleasing layout      that is more attractive to subscribers. Along with this, I added more pictures and broke up the text, which prevents excessive scrolling to find the good information. I was able to become very involved with the May and June events at Make.Shift which allowed me to write the majority of the newsletter. We got some great feedback after sending the new and improved newsletter out to subscribers.

Second, I redesigned the thank you receipts that are passed out after Make.Shift’s art shows. Their first design was quite basic and did not contain much information. I decided to create a better layout and include some text with extra details showing appreciation for their purchases and thanking them for their support. I also included a back page where artist, title, purchaser’s name, and date are included to better keep track of information. I added a simple border to give the design a pop and add a bit of professionalism.

Before: Thank You Receipt 1

After: Thank You Receipt 2

Hopefully, these projects will bring more exposure to Make.Shift and showcase its constant improvements and developments.


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